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can help you:

– Learn new strategies and tools to manage negative feelings such as anxiety and depression
– Develop coping skills and new positive perspectives
– Learn effective communication skills
– Feel supported and heard
– Manage conflict with family or colleagues

“We don’t have to do all of it alone.
We were never meant to.”

Brene Brown


Is anxiety affecting you at home or work?
Are you constantly worrying about life?

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Do you have a loss of interest
in things you once enjoyed?
Are you feeling low
and negative most days?

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to us about depression can help.


Are you feeling alone in your marriage?
Tired of conflict with your spouse?

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Allison Bates, MA RCC

Registered Clinical Counsellor

Allison Bates is a registered clinical counsellor with over 19 successful years of counselling individuals, couples and families. She is the owner and clinical director of West Coast Counselling Services.


It took a lot of courage for me to decide that I wanted to try counselling for my depression and anxiety. I am a very shy individual, but Allison was respectful, and made me feel comfortable, so I had no problem opening up to her. Allison has taught me skills to deal with life's stressful situations, ways to overcome anxiety and improve my emotional well-being. I can confidently recommend Allison to others knowing that she helped me through my depression and made me see the brighter side of life.



It took a lot of courage for me to decide that I wanted to try Counselling. Allison has helped my husband and myself learn how to communicate more effectively and argue less. She has a compassionate style of counselling and really taught us how to be a better couple and connect again.



I've worked with Allison for many years and enjoyed our sessions together - Allison matched her style to my needs and I contribute that to why she was so successful with helping me through some really difficult times.



Thank you Alison so much for helping me with self development and relationship counselling. You have given me the opportunity to gain control of my life and to see life in a different perspective. You have been very kind, knowledgeable and supportive. The techniques you have taught me have proven successful time and time again when they are applied. I can always count on you.




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